Juniperus Procumbens #1, 2011 Joshua Roth New Talent Competition Tree

Here is my tree I worked on in the new talent competition at Louisville in 2011. This show was my first big show I attended. It was also my first competition and in which I have learned a lot more than what I have the 8 years preceeding it. It was the pressure that made the true colors show, whether that was a bad thing or good thing. In the long run for me, I think that was very good for me. I am very thankful for my experience in the competition. 
Here is the best before photo I could find at this time.


The next photo will be that of the “completed” tree that would be up for judging. I know, right. Its an embarrassment , eh? Lol


Here is the picture of what it looked like most of the 2012 season. Development was stagnant in 2012 due to mostly me focusing on other trees and building my garden almost all summer long. Maybe it was a good thing I did leave it be for the most part?


Here is where it stands today. Over the winter of 2012/2013, I took a good look at it and decided to eliminate the lower foliage pad and branch to help bring the focus back up to the deadwood and jin features near its base. Also to simplify the overall foliage layout. I repotted it into this Iker pot late winter 2013. I fiddled with it here and there over the course of the year 2013, and mid August, had the opportunity to meet with Michael Feduccia and took this tree to discuss with him over. For those that don’t know, he is super talented and is the winner of the 2012 competition in Denver. His tree is miles ahead of mines foliage wise and I pursued his advice on how to bring my trees foliage to his levels. First and foremost, most of the discussion was based on letting it grow out to allowing it to backbud while allowing light to reach the inner branches to facilitate the back budding process. He also made a few suggessions with the branch placement and pad development in which I will follow to the best of my ability. I think its coming along nicely but next year(don’t we bonsai people always say that??) We will see how it progresses as it is allowed to grow out a bit.



Update of early July 2015 shortly after thinning and wiring.

About cedarbogbonsai

I am a bonsai enthusiast who focuses on native material. My main source and favorite way of bonsai is collecting yamadori. I also avidly hunt stones to add to my ever growing suiseki collection.
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