I collected this Barberry bush from a landscape restoration job I did in Fall 2011. This specimen was not ideal material starting off since it had absolute ugly inverse taper at the top. Well that loser called “Inverse Taper” is no longer with us……let’s just say I took a root cutter and a dremel to it. After I did that, it triggered perhaps hundreds of suckers and new buds all over the remaining trunk. 5 of those are now a part of the design of this nicely 3-D specimen. I really like this shohin in yet again another Iker pot I have had. Here’s one thing I learned about this species. You can mess with their roots to your hearts content and it still continues along like its “nothing but a darn thing”. I have done so 3 times out of season including digging it up fairly shallow in early fall when I found it. Maybe my use of willow water is a big part of it.


June 3rd, 2014 update.


June 20th 2015 update



About cedarbogbonsai

I am a bonsai enthusiast who focuses on native material. My main source and favorite way of bonsai is collecting yamadori. I also avidly hunt stones to add to my ever growing suiseki collection.
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