American Sugar Maple

A few days ago I dug up my Sugar Maple and was very happy to see the condition of the roots. It was collected 4 Years ago and when it was collected, it had a piece of dolomite it grew onto, naturally. It was potted into an earlier IKER pot I have had for a couple of years now.



The one thing I noticed about at least this particular tree is that every year I have had it(2 of those in the grow bed) it has pushed out one growth push. It does however has new buds come out in random spots on the trunk so there is an ideal spot for a branch to pop out…..just waiting for it to happen! There are dormant buds at the bend I want the branch to pop out. Almost every year I have removed branches or a bulk of them in fall after leaf drop to force further back budding on the trunk which as stated above has happened every spring.
Here is a new June 15 2013 update photo and a photo with leaves this time. Lol
Here is Autumn 2013 picture of the Maple. Wish it was more vibrant but since the tree is not fully developed in the branches yet, its not exactly a priority at this time.


About cedarbogbonsai

I am a bonsai enthusiast who focuses on native material. My main source and favorite way of bonsai is collecting yamadori. I also avidly hunt stones to add to my ever growing suiseki collection.
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