2013 Joshua Roth new talent competition tree

Well unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. The first thing is that this year marks my 10 year in my bottomless fall into bonsai. I began in fall of 2003 on a school shopping trip where I ran across a sunset bonsai book marked down on sale. You guessed absolutely correct, I bought it and brought it home to enjoy all the way up to today. Its a good basics book. My good “first 10 years” has ended. The future is bright however. The second is the last opportunity on two main prerequisites of eligibility to enter the competition is you can’t compete more than twice. I have joined this competition meeting both barely.

Here is the first photo of what I started with.

I probably spent or ” wasted” and hour or a bit more staring and trying to figure out where I am going with this tree. Keep in mind, as I previewed all the trees before the competition started, I felt bad for the competitor who would ultimately draw #4. That ended up being me. Just my luck….or is it? We will see. Also proceeding this tree, I have never worked or even seen anybody work a double tree orientation and making it into a single composition. These “trees” were about 4-5 inches apart completely seperate above the soil line. It was VERY intimidating but I had no choice and had to push onward.

Here is the mid way-ish picture as it started to shape up similar to what I had envisioned for this.
Here is the composition I had created and submitted for judging. Now the picture does NOT do this tree justice(imagine that fellow bonsaists!) I was amazed at how it came together as I pushed onward and did the best my mind and body would allow me to do. May the best skill and artist win

About cedarbogbonsai

I am a bonsai enthusiast who focuses on native material. My main source and favorite way of bonsai is collecting yamadori. I also avidly hunt stones to add to my ever growing suiseki collection.
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